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Extra virgin olive oil and obesity


Extra virgin olive oil and obesity
Extra virgin olive oil and obesity

Obesity or overweight occurs when the energy reserves, mainly in the form of fat, are too high. It occurs when the amount of energy gained from the diet is greater than the amount of energy expended. It is corrected by ensuring that energy expenditure (exercise, basal metabolism, etc.) is greater than energy intake.

A good weight loss diet should:

  • Deliver less energy than needed to maintain body weight

  • Provide adequate amounts of all nutrients

  • Be acceptable, affordable and tasty

Extra virgin olive oil and obesity

Olive oil is a biologically valuable nutrient. Like all other fats and oils, it is high in calories (9 Kcal per gram) which might give the impression that it contributes to obesity. However,

experience shows that there is less obesity among the Mediterranean peoples who consume the most olive oil.

A diet high in olive oil has been shown to result in greater and longer-lasting weight loss than a low-fat diet. It is better accepted because it tastes good and encourages the consumption of vegetables.

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